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I am Jewels, the founder of Eternal Gold High Frequency Beauty and DECU Face Reading.

My soul purpose, as a member of the Council of Light, is to awaken humanity to become the Divinely Perfect Species we are meant to be. To do this we need to break the agreements of what it is to be in physical form and start upgrading to the NEW Human through the cells and DNA.

Starting with the skin, we have the ability to reverse aging through methods such as DECU, Eternal Gold Skincare and OM Codes, not only to reflect our Divine beauty but to reach a level of consciousness I call ETERNAL LIFE. That’s right. We have the ability to not only look young but Stay young.


What is DECU?

DECU Face Reading stands for Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade. The cells of the skin hold toxic memories, information/energy and dormant DNA, which repeat the degeneration cycle. We use DECU to upgrade the consciousness of your skin cells! We will learn to tune in to the cells and clear the old programming that keeps you aging. That is right, we are reprogramming the cells to create a New You.

Science is now proving that your skin has a consciousness just like your brain and heart. The cells hold the reflection of information from your reality you are experiencing as Truth… It is time to look beyond this truth because there is a WHAT’s NEXT.

Why is this important?

Clearing the cells of programs and belief systems is important because it catapults you into being the Master of your own ship, the body you live in. You will learn to program the cells of your skin to hold ETERNAL Beauty. This class will teach you the step-by-step method of clearing the agreement of aging and how to raise your consciousness to hold the frequency needed to intentionally become the NEW You… the New Human.

“Creating skin cells that hold the intelligence of eternal life, is a choice we make over and over. Eternal life is Choosing to Evolve in Frequency and Dimensions, Consciously!”

Using this process will amplify your AWAKENING! DECU Face Reading is a method that reads the cell for agreements, contracts, or toxic programs and clears, cancels and deletes them from your cells, your organs and the brain. This is so that you can start to express/appear as the Divinely perfect Being you are meant to be!

I first want to honor you for taking this step to explore the DECU Universe: A NEW Reality and a pathway to Eternal Beauty. Together we are creating a matrix system that many others can one day merge with and choose to break the agreement of aging as well. We are starting an Anti-Aging Evolution. DECU is a pathway, the leading edge of becoming The NEW Human. Eternal Beauty is a choice, one that will change you in ways you never thought possible, and it starts right here with you!

Are you ready to take a journey that awakens your cells? Are you ready to Reprogram your body to Rejuvenate, Regenerate, and hold the frequency of Eternal Beauty?

DECU uses techniques that will clear old agreements and belief systems held in your skin cells. Your skin has a consciousness and it is awakening right now. Simply because you said “yes” to this journey, you are beginning to learn the power of the mind~body~spirit connection. The more you Reprogram your cells and Amplify your personal awakening, the more you will start to move into the Highest Potential of You.

DECU is a commitment to your New Life as A New You, the you that you have always wanted to be. DECU will reprogram your cells to hold the intelligence of Eternal Beauty, Vitality and Expand you into the NEXT Evolution of ManKind.

Welcome! With so much love, I am walking with you as you discover the pathway to the NEW You…

Hugs and Love,


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