Virtual BioQuantum DMT Event

September 8-10 2023  
$222 for this 3 day Virtual Event

Includes 6 DMT Coding sessions with Jewels and a Limited Edition Scalar Infused Psilocybin ORMUS

Live a Psychedelic Life! Are You Ready to BECOME BioQuantum and experience what is NEXT in Psychedelics without consuming any plants or chemicals?

Elevate your frequency and your life with an age-old approach of psilocybin using the  modern twist of DMT Coding and scalar infusion!

Human history has shown that Psychedelics have had a tremendous effect on so many looking to elevate their lives consciously and feed that part of themselves that knows there has to be more to this human experience.  What makes psychedelics interesting, is that no matter the method of choice, whether it be ayahuasca, psilocybin or another hallucinogenic, they all show traces of DMT within the body during these experiences. 

What is DMT?  DMT as it presents itself naturally in the body, is known as N,N-dimethyltryptamine which is secreted by the pineal gland at birth, during dreaming, and at near death.  DMT the frequency is measured at 963hz and is known for awakening intuition and boosting positive energy.  It is the frequency of Source Intelligence that is stored within you. 

, Virtual BioQuantum DMT Event
, Virtual BioQuantum DMT Event
Are you wanting to explore higher states of consciousness, tap into expansive thought and take part in a psychedelic-like experience without ingesting plant medicine or chemicals?  Thanks to Quantum Technology and the unique approach of DMT coding, this is now possible.  This is truly the NEXT in Psychedelic experiences because it allows for people to consciously explore higher states of BEING by naturally inducing DMT within the body.
Let’s thrive in a world beyond even psychedelics! A world where holding higher frequencies and higher states of being are just a normal way of LIFE! 
Are you ready to explore Becoming bioquantum?  
If you are Quantum Curious and want to take part in the NEXT in psychedelics and human expansion, then this could be the path you have been waiting for.
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