Amazing and great results with all your products...🎉💕 Someone asked me if I do Botox on my face yesterday... Absolutely not... was my response & I showed them why!!!!
Mary Rose
Holistic Healer Canada
I am blown away by this Advanced Product Line! Everytime I think you can’t make a better product you continually exceed my expectations! I love the energy in the products and the limitlessness of the expansion it brings to my consciousness! I truly look 10 years younger! Keep creating!
Jewels I can’t say enough about your products! I walk by the mirror and have to do a double take! Is that really me? I stop to really Look and don’t even recognise myself! I look so beautiful!
Ami KC
OMG!! IT works! I have to say I didn’t think it would and it does! This is New Earth Skin Care! All my friends are asking what I am doing different! One asked if I had a face lift! I am glowing!
San Diego CA
Where to begin...you have changed my life in soooo many ways and my heart is filled with gratitude for you! I am honored to have been taught by you in so many areas with DECU.

Before you I had no clue that I had been operating in frequency my whole life - I just assumed everyone was because it was all I knew. Funny it was a gift from the abuse I suffered as a child - I learned to read people's frequency to stay under the radar. I never knew that I was doing this until I took your classes. You were definitely speaking my language.

You taught me how to apply and use the frequencies to enhance and change all areas of my life and for this I will eternally be grateful for you being in my life! They say if you can affect just one person's life you have done good and trust me you have affected mine and no doubt many others. You have done more than good!!!

You have grown and stepped up your teachings every time I have taken another class from you! Thank you for caring and sharing your knowledge to me and the collective.

I just want to express to you the immense gratitude I have for being fortunate enough to have you enter my life when you did. You took me on this journey of magnificence which still continues! My life is forever enhanced from the gift of YOU!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! With immense gratitude and infinite love - it is so!!! Love you tons,
I've been on the spiritual path since the 1980's. Jewel's work includes the most advanced teachings I've been exposed to. I do not believe we have to age and die; one can't bring this up in most forums, even advanced ones. Jewels provides a safe forum to question collective programming and invites critical thinking.

This work is about shifting programming on a cellular level in a way that the DNA can understand. I love the emphasis on my physical body.

Jewels has created a very soul-based community. The languaging and teachings are very supportive and heart based. This work has been truly transformational for me.
What draws me to Jewel's teachings is the high vision she holds for my transformation. It draws me forward and challenges me. The tools she offers help me choose a higher vibration response when I feel low energy or am tempted to have an emotional reaction.

I spent most of my life looking in the mirror criticizing my appearance. With this work I am overcoming my programming and creating a new awareness of myself. I am connecting to a younger, more vibrant version of me. I now say, "I AM Beautiful" to myself and mean it. What you tell your skin is so important. I also love the frequency of the Eternal Gold products and speak lovingly to myself as I apply them.

I now spend more time in creation and less in reaction. I am overcoming years of programming, much of it from the collective. The Eternal Gold community is an added bonus. Jewels has provided such a growth opportunity for me.
I have been on a path of awakening for more than 50 years. Since beginning to work with Jewels, the acceleration in my evolution has been leaps and bounds. I have come to understand the truth of being divine. I no longer spend so much of my time in self-criticism and not being enough.

I immediately knew from the first class that this was my next step in my Ascension process. The classes and especially the three Evolution retreats have solidified my experience of being Love and Light on a cellular level. I noticed my programming give way to positive change. I went from negative conversations when looking in the mirror to welcoming myself with "Hello, Goddess." I continue to notice shifts as I apply the tools. My experience of the teachings continues to evolve. I am so much more loving, so much more grateful.

I've learned to surrender to the Divine plan . I am accepting myself more. I am choosing to exist in a higher frequency, to hold the higher vibration of Source that I truly am.

An extra bonus is the Eternal Gold/Activate Evolution community , a group of beautiful souls who are committed to lifting the consciousness and being of service to all of humanity. Together we are changing collective consciousness.

I just had to write and say how Incredibly grateful I am for all the Activate Evolution teachings and courses! My life has entered the miracle pattern frequency. For the last several weeks, I simply feel it and know it! I am moving forward into the future now pattern moment by moment so much that I am in the zero point stillness. It is because of your offerings!

I was listing to Erica and Megan’s video of How to Heal using DECU….while walking into the frequencies of the Evolution Journey Cards. Just ahead of me, I see and feel the vibration of each number and then let it absorb into my being as I walk forward.

For me, the journey from DECU to OMcodes to Manifest to Evolution Cards and how they weave together has created a deep understanding and meaning beyond the mind. This is an amazing reflection of the shift that has occurred in my consciousnesses. Again, I am so grateful and this is my emotion of choice! Yay!

Much LoveLight ✨💕✨
Jewels, I am sooo grateful for today's manifest. I had a flu from kids and was achey, tired, frequency lowered.I began to be uplifted listening to you. I just wanted to stay in still point and not grasp.This warmth flooded my body when we had hands on heart all tiredness left me.It was a huge amount of chi and a feeling so profound of being reborn in an instant. I had a similar experience with a red hot iron skillet placed on my hand. My entire being went to calm and I saw myself whole like before the pan on my hand. So it did not burn me. I will practice this many times. My avatar was a Madonna, in a blue garment. Then she took off her garment and was Wonder Woman. Rob said omg you look 10 years younger!! You are rebooted!Thanks so much I went from 1- 1,ooo,ooo.
Jewels, As I continue to bake and thus get burned! But guess what? I go to where I was before I got burned or scraped and it doesn't happen! Best tool I use in my kitchen.

I am revisiting the face lift also, not sure why I stopped and am seeing nice results or maybe I am feeling the strength going into the place within me that I become blurred at the image in my mirror, comfortable & soothing. All so good, opening myself and allowing the "No more me" really feels right for me personally. Rubs off on everything I have from my crystals, home and my beautiful plants in the gardens that they are growing at warp speed to have me notice and touch them. The 5'-6' leaves wave to me to come on down from my lanai and see how much they have grown, just like a child every day.💗

I am enjoying the classes this month as again, messages are coming through in the numbers, once again, speaking to me and I could go on and on with the meaning and relationships they hold....so much fun!
I have had dry flaky, red skin near my nose.

I have tried many moisturizers and lotions, but the irritation always came back.

I am skeptical of skincare products, but decided to try  Bioquantum Skincare’s Scalar 33 Serum. 

My skin is soft and clear. I’m a believer and look forward to trying other products in Bioquatum Skincare’s line.
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