As biohacking enthusiasts and new members of the BioQuantum family, we want to personally invite you to join our FIRST BioQuantum Product Study!

Selected participants will have the opportunity to activate their quantum body through a delivery system of highlighted BioQuantum products all while documenting their journey along the way.  Join the BioQuantum product study targeting an anti-aging high performance focus through the frequency of DMT, 963hz.  If you are feeling called to be a part of a movement that will literally raise the vibration of your body, then claim your spot and press the link below. 

This is the future of human evolution and the next in biohacking. Energy is EVERYTHING!

Are you ready to awaken the Evolution Gene Code through what will be a revolutionary product study? 

Are you willing to share your experience with the products with us so that we can improve, connect and collaborate with others in holding the body in the Quantum Field? 

If you are feeling excited about joining a Quantum Movement, explore the different product studies we will be offering or ready to take action? 

, Study

1st BioQuantum Study:

Activate the Quantum Body Case Study, $66 ($141 Value).  You will receive a full refund or get another bottle of the supplement for free at completion of the study. 

30 Day Trial with Evolution BioQuantum Particle Accelerator Supplement  and Scalar DMT Coded Copper Card (with instruction)

  • Study includes weekly 10-15 minute survey
  • Testimonial at the end of survey
  • 2 participants will be randomly selected and invited to do a one on one recorded session that will be highlighted in our upcoming documentary.
, Study

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