Live Sayulita Retreat

Exclusive Invitation
Revolutionary Experience in Mexico

Be a part of an Elite Movement!

Join us for a FIRST ever DMT LIVE Retreat in Sayulita Mexico with BioQuantum
November 1-7th 2023

Ambassadors Jewels & Liane

Jewels & Liane

, Sayulita Elite

Featured Guests Dakota Mays & Dave Robinson!

, Sayulita Elite

Dave is a health enthusiast, biohacker and sun addict. He strongly believes that we must reconnect with nature in order to begin healing. Dave’s mission on this planet is to empower as many people as possible to transcend the matrix and live a badass, purposeful, healthy life.

, Sayulita Elite

After completing his yoga teacher training in Bali, Dakota has combined his trainings in Breathwork, Thai-Bodywork, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu to help people reach new levels of embodiment. Dakota specializes in teaching people how to move & connect with their body through yoga and breathwork.

Elevate Your Frequency and Your LIFE!
Experience DMT in Paradise without consuming any plants or chemicals!

This 5 day , 6 night retreat will transform you in ways you didn’t know possible! DMT Coding is the NEXT in Psychedelics because it’s a pathway to exploring higher states of consciousness without consuming something outside of yourself. It’s an experience that activates DMT from within and you are officially invited to be one of the first to actively participate in what is possible beyond what psychedelics can offer.

Retreat Highlights

Known for one of the best beach towns in Mexico, Sayulita offers a restorative tropical setting to host this REVOLUTIONARY DMT Scalar Coded experience. Just 45 miles from Porta Vereta Airport, this once in a lifetime retreat will take place on a luxury estate complete with private pool, individual rooms, breathtaking grounds and curated meals prepared by local chefs using the finest sourced seafood, meats and produce.

Your Sayulita Oasis awaits. Choose the room that is best for you. Spots are limited and availability is based on a first come first serve basis.

, Sayulita Elite

Reserve your room: First come first serve.

Rancho Poco a Poco is an estate broken up into three separate houses all on the same grounds.


All bedrooms have an attached bathroom the only outlier is the bunkroom which has an external bathroom located just outside of the room. (Sleeps up to ten guests)


All bedrooms have an attached bathroom. (Sleeps up to ten guests)

Casita Luxury Living (add $500 to room rate)

All bedrooms have an attached bathroom. (Sleeps up to four guests)

*Brand new. Construction on the casita was just finished in July. It includes an open-air bathroom in the master suite with a copper tub and a view of the river and jungle. The living area includes a greenhouse-like atmosphere.

$3000 per room based on 2 person occupancy.
Any additional occupants is an addition $500

See selection of room choices, first come first serve.

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Live Sayulita Retreat

Exclusive Invitation Revolutionary Experience in MEXICO

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