Frequenty Asked Questions

Yes, we ship all over the world.  Shipping is calculated in the store and is based on the weight of your products

We have professional products!  In fact we have the Trademarked Enlightened Facial that is up-leveling esthetics!  These med-science products meet scalar frequency protocols to support skin cells to hold specific vibrational patterns.  You clients will have an experience they will never forget!  To learn more about our professional line contact:

We respectfully review all retail applications for valuable partnerships that aim to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Evolution is committed to providing incredible support and products to our retail partners

We are so sorry about that, We are shipping that to you right away.

All of our products are created to Biohack the cells and turn on DMT Frequencies.  All products are for all skin types and work for both men and woman.

All the products in the Bio-Quantum line are created for all skin types but targets the cells to support the reversal of aging, therefore is perfect for mature skin types.

We are animal lovers!  Our products are not tested on animals.

Evolution married nature and science to create skincare products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, without compromising luxury or efficacy.

Formulated wothout Alcohol, Barley, Corn, Gluten, GMO’s, Parabens, Phthalates Oats, Rye, Soy, Spelt Sulfates Talc or Wheat. Not tested on Animals. Clean, Vega, and Prop 65 Complaint.


Sometimes the store will say delivered and the customer will not actually receive the package until the next day.  If this happens,  know that the package was scanned at the post office and will most likely arrive within the next few days.

Skin is our largest organ. Our bodies are exposed to exorbitant amounts of toxins every day in our environment, household cleaners, food, pesticides, pollution and water to name a few. Harmful toxic chemicals can cause disease, cancer, neurological disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, autoimmune disorders, birth defects and more. In 2016, leading scientists, doctors and policy advocates across various disciplines throughout the globe made a joint statement in a landmark alliance that the science on toxic chemicals is clear: Toxins can harm brain development and cause massive disease.Evolution Skincare Products are all-natural.

The shelf life of our products is 2 years.

Yes, bottles and packaging are recyclable.

When we approach skincare with a mind/body approach, we are consciously creating anti-aging effects and enhanced overall health of the body. Using conscious awareness we can overcome the disease we call aging by becoming fully in tune with our own life force energy. We can use this conscious awareness to enhance this life force energy to regenerate and heal the body. As we age, we are often unaware of exactly “when” we are losing life force energy. In these moments, we are in resistance and cause energetic blocks in our body. These energy blocks restrict energy flow and can cause depression, injury and disease. When we are consciously living our life, our body easily allows energy to flow and brings health and well-being. We are only just discovering the impact a conscious mind can have on the human body… it is the next stage of human evolution. It is how we can CHOOSE how we want to experience what it is to be human.

The frequencies create a full body balance working with the organs, hormones, endocrine system and the auric field, creating health and vitality for mind, body and spirit. The stored information can be within or outside of the dimension of the scalar wave.

Scalar waves are entirely different waves than Hertzian waves. The Scalar wave is a high frequency receiver and conductor used for accurate information that does not decay over time or distance. This energy performs with the energy system of cellular structure. The imprinted energy is imprinted onto the ORMUS or M-state element substance. In this state, the ORMUS allows the imprinted energy to move in and out of the third dimension, bringing the imprinted energy into its purest form. At its purest form, life force energy can be retrieved and reconnected with the person of use. Each time the scalar imprinted ORMUS moves in and out of existence, more life force energy is brought back into the conductor or receiver of the cell enhancing life force energy and other imprinted energy information.

Every product in the Evolution Skincare line uses a similar synergy and is great for all skin types. When choosing your product regimen you first want to determine the benefits you are seeking. The Evolution products can be integrated into any other skincare regimen


  • Cleanser of choice
  • Toner of choice
  • Serum of choice
  • Face Cream or Day Cream


Evening Before Bedtime

  • Cleanser of choice
  • Eye Cream
  • Serum
  • Face Cream
  • Facial Oil may be added for extra moisture


Once a week:

  • Use a mask once a week to bring extra healing and rejuvenation to the skin.  

At this time we do not offer a moisturizer with SPF protection.  Both our foundation and Sheer tint moisturizers do however.  Learn more here:

The Evolution Skincare line energetic frequencies transmitted into the products do not diffuse over time or space. Frequency is essentially energy, which means the energy will remain until your product is used and absorbed by your skin. Do not add anything, beyond the Sclar 33 Activator,  to your product once opened, and the energetic frequency will always be viable.

We offer samples to qualified companies that are interested in partnering through our Wholesale or Enlightened Facial professional line.

Epigenetics: The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

Epigenetic code: The epigenetic code is hypothesized to be a defining code in every eukaryotic cell consisting of the specific epigenetic modification in each cell. It consists of histone modifications defined by the histone code and additional epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation.

Epigenetic codes get “turned on” by the environment in which the cell is existing.  What creates the environment of your body?  Deit, thoughts and beliefs, toxins, and the collective reality you agree too consciously or unconsciously.  Epigenetics are codes that move into expression when the frequency of the environment is sustained long enough it signals the cell (DNA) to turn on that expression.  This then alters the cell to duplicate in the expression of the code that is turned on.  Aging is an epigenetic code.  It is a collective agreement that over time we age.  There is no biological reason we age.  

Our products are uniquely created with a scalar wave technology that works to Decode Molecular Technology, DMT.  It is a delivery system that can be used to awaken DMT frequencies stored in the DNA.  These frequencies are intelligent and have the ability to shift consciousness on a cellular level. This supports cell health and begins to awaken dormant DNA Codes.  You can see it as codes of human evolution.  The goal is to awaken the cells of the entire body.  Activate dormant DNA code and  Initiate 100%human potential.

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