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“Hello… I really wanted to share this amazing DECU experience…With someone besides my husband!

So, I hope this is not TMI, but I know a lot of women deal with cramps. Mine have been severe for over 35 years, despite lots and lots of energy attempts for healing. I worked with DECU today and I traced the energy… and it came down to a belief system that was in my subconsciousness from the mass consciousness. It started in my uterus and ran up to the base of my skull at the “mouth of god”.

Ready… this is insane, but I looked it up on Wikipedia! It is the story of Adam and Eve. What a bunch of propaganda! (I was raised Lutheran.)

Women should suffer in childbirth and are to be ruled over by thier husbands. It is a woman’s fault that there is sin in the world. There is probably more, but I no longer write down deleted programs.

Now… I AM in perfect balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects for the New Human.

My cramps went away and I was able to work the whole day! This is really big for me. And then, New Earth Pathways was about claiming Goddess Power.

Thank you for letting me share. You all have taught me soooo much!”

— A Member of the Soul Family


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