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Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator

ORMUS has been used since ancient times to decalcify the pineal gland. activating the ability to hold mental focus in a very high state of consciousness.  Because ORMUS is in an M-state, or spin state, it has the ability to connect to life force energy and amplify or strengthen it.  We created the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator to add to our products for those wanting to bring the ingredients of the products into an active state, speeding up the cells ability to turn off epigenetic codes. Simply put, it becomes an activator of the product allowing it to work faster and harder than if you used the product alone.   

Scalar 33 ORMUS has minerals that hold electrons  a higher spin state.  These minerals enter and integrate into the body’s trillions of cells and mitochondria enhancing health and wellbeing.

The Scalar 33 ORMUS is coded with DMT scalar Technology to specifically work with the responses of the body to its environment.  The ORMUS works on shifting the cells from observation to identifying in frequency.  This can be seen as taking the chemical body and bringing it into the experience beyond primal response, allowing you to begin to experience consciousness in a state outside the looping cycle of fear, survival and age and disease. 

When applying the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator to the Evolution products and then applying to the skin, the Evolution technology restores the cells over a 12 hour period of time. Most skincare products work for a short time after applying.  Adding Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator, allows the product to actively work with skin cells for 12 hours.    

The Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator creates a vibrational propulsion of our superpowered ingredients, such as peptides and Q10,  to support cell health. Add the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator to any of the Evolution products. The ORMUS will accelerate the scalar Evolution Technology.  


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