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, Becoming Bioquantum – Dakota

BioQuantum Particle Accelerator

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The First DMT Scalar Frequency Supplement created to accelerate the spin state of your cells.

When we activate DMT frequency within the DNA, the cells begin to shift to a higher spin state or frequency.  The very environment your consciousness is held in (the body) begins to attune to this frequency allowing you to consciously participate in the experience of DMT naturally.  Your consciousness can begin to resonate in a psychedelic state of being.

The Evolution Technology used in this one of a kind supplement is a DMT scalar wave system that works with the ingredients  energetically. The body already knows it has abilities beyond the limitations of thought and when adding frequency on a cellular level, the cells  begin to shift out of the programming epigenetic mutation.     

The BioQuantum Particle Accelerator Supplement is created to support telomere and mitochondria health, improve focus and energy, and activate higher consciousness through the frequency of DMT.  It is time to turn ON the Gene Code of Human Evolution!  

Experience the NEXT with the FIRST DMT Scalar Frequency Supplement particle accelerator!

Attention Biohacking Business Opportunists!

The biohacking market is growing at quantum speed and now is the opportune time to launch BioQuantum Skincare into your business.  

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