Choosing the reality of your Experience

The way of the Gatekeepers: The gateway is opening. You will begin to notice a gold light come into your existence. This light holds the key that will unlock additional codes of the DNA. Many of you are already carrying these codes and your bodies are rapidly changing. The codes will open the gateway of […]

Unity Blessing.. Bridging to Heaven on Earth

Take in a deep breath of golden light through the heart. Breathe out white light. Breathe in golden light, breathe out white. It is time to rise and stand ready and willing with the light energies of the Awakening. Now Connect to your Divine in your mind and place it in your heart. Allow it […]

Can We Reprogram Our Cells

Science is now Saying AGING is A DISEASE! Tomorrow is the Last Day to sign up for DECU Level One. Are you ready to take the journey into reprogramming your cells? Science is proving Reprogramming the cells is the #1 way to reverse aging and to look younger! We have the ability to Create skin cells that hold the intelligence of eternal life. You can become limitless and expansive! It start right here! Learn to delete the belief system of Aging and Start LIVING!

StarCaster Radio: Renewing and Expanding

We the council will continue to reprogram your cells to hold this expression in the frequency of your unique codes so you may shine your light, your wisdom and your love. You vibrate love, you vibrate life, you vibrate in perfect harmony and unity. You are here to BE the expression of your Divine Perfection. […]

StarCaster Radio: Moving beyond the Lip of Space

The full moon in Virgo (the sign of service) has us feeling safer in moments of order and clarity, similar to the urge you have when you want to “spring” clean, you may feel the need to organize everything chaotic and disorganized. Now is the time to practice patience and tolerance towards the imperfections of […]

Create from Your Inner Desires

Megan is a natural born psychic, channel, coach and Creatrix. She’s started teaching meditation and doing reading when she was 12, and has worked with men and women from every demographic from truck drivers to C-Level Executives. The men and women she’s working with now are sensitives navigating through ascension systems, breaking the spell of […]

How to Look Younger

Do you wonder how you can look younger? Your first thought may be, is it possible to look younger naturally? And the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! We at Eternal Gold Skincare want you to love the skin you are in. Many of you don’t want wrinkles, you don’t want to look older, you wonder how […]

Aging in Reverse

Reprogram Cells to Eternal Youth! OMcodes is a biocoded frequency sequence that is talking to the cells to awaken to the reality of Aging in Reverse. Erika interviews Jewels on the newest technology to reverse aging at a cellular level. Can we Age in Reverse? OMcodes is a process of taking you into your frequency […]

StarCaster Radio: New Moon in Pisces

Stars align and sync making this a magical lunation as when these stars align it creates ease and gently supports our inner desires. It’s a karmic shift to help say goodbye to all that was brought to our awareness. This new moon gives us that extra boost to remove all the inner struggles and fears […]