PurSoul Remedies – Bridging from the Old to the New

How do you experience the changing of the seasons? How do you bridge an old way of being into something new? In today’s Podcast, we reflect on how effortlessly Mother Nature transitions without struggle from one season to the next. How can we use that as an example to more easily move through our own […]

PurSoul Remedies – Remembrance of Who We Are and Why We are Here

Remembrance – Do you have a feeling that you are here for a reason? Are you feeling like it’s time to step into your purpose? Our podcast today is about Remembrance – Remembering who we are and why we are here. Gabriela started us off with a beautiful activation. Our discussion evolved into being able […]

PurSoul Remedies – Different Lifestyles, Different Cultures

Today’s podcast is a conversation of reflection between the US and European lifestyles. Gabriela has been visiting her mother in her home country of Switzerland from New Zealand and has been sharing with us her day trips. I am amazed that her 80-year-old Mum is taking 50 km biking treks and hiking in the beautiful […]

PurSoul Remedies – What Makes PurSoul Unique

In this podcast, Denise and Gabriela discuss the difference between regular essential oils on the market and what makes the PurSoul blends different from just ordinary oils. Denise explains how she codes the essential oils using a proprietary method using scalar technology to empower the highest essence of each of the blends she creates. She […]

PurSoul Remedies – Flourishing Through Times of Stress

Is it possible to flourish even though you are stressed? We say YES! Stress doesn’t have to bring you down and throw a wrench into the works so to speak. Why not use times of stress to become more focused and as opportunities to practice your skills to calm the mind and move into a […]

EGB – Face Lift Serum Build Cellular Energy

In this episode, Yvonne and Jewels talk about the active ingredients in the Face Lift serum and how we can use these to amplify our cells energy. They then do a DECU cellular healing to clear away the program of losing energy as we age and replacing it with life force energy. I AM a […]

Eternal Gold Beauty – DIY Hand Spa Treatment (With Jennifer Thompson)

Your self-care and self-love routine can include all kinds of practices! Going to the spa is always a wonderful way to take care of ourselves, but time and money can limit these excursions. This DIY at-home spa treatment for your hands takes about 15 minutes and you can use products you already have in your […]